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Own Your Learning

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Starting freshman year, all EDGE students develop a digital portfolio that provides a comprehensive look at their work, learning, and professional experiences over all four years in EDGE. This valuable tool is used in Celebrations of Learning, college interviews, and business interviews. Many students in the class of 2020 received compliments, positive feedback, and impressed numerous college admission officers and scholarship committees with their digital portfolio. 

In EDGE we believe that a student’s grade is a reflection of their effort, perseverance, professionalism, and time-management. As well as a willingness to reflect, accept, and implement feedback from peers and Mentors. All grades in EDGE are driven by transferable skills (6C’s) using content as a vehicle to deliver, learn, and practice these skills. EDGE believes in the power of revision and reflection.  Students are encouraged to re-do and polish work.  Grades (in Infinite Campus) reflect student effort and growth.

Our goal is to change a student’s perspective to learn for their own attainment and motivation, understanding they will be better prepared to succeed in the college major of their choice and eventually their profession.  

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​EDGE Mentors know that learning does not end because of a semester or ending date.  If students are not satisfied with a letter grade, they are given two weeks to demonstrate growth and improve their letter grade by going through a feedback review with their mentor.  

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