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What is EDGE?

The EDGE learning model seeks to challenge the traditional thinking of educational practices.  EDGE was created to provide students the opportunity to Own Their Learning through a Project-Based learning model.  Students will engage in authentic and memorable experiences, connected through all content areas, allowing them to develop the skills needed to compete in a global society.

EDGE mentors look at the big picture of learning, taking into consideration the rigor of student projects connected to the student's personal passion or interests in order to inspire, motivate and engage all students.  Student evidence will be presented in authentic scenarios and student exhibitions.  Students will participate in job shadows, apprentice learning, project-based learning, and travel.

Project-Based Learning

All EDGE Learning is Project-Based. Students and Mentors work collaboratively on interdisciplinary project. These projects are created to be as real-world and authentic as possible. Students are able to incorporate their passions and interests into the projects in order to create quality products.


Field Experiences

Field experiences allow students to take their learning beyond the walls of the school and connect their experiences to the real world through excursions and unique experiences.  Past field experiences have included Coors Field, Pepsi Center, Eisenhower Tunnel, TEDxMileHigh, Denver Startup Week, and the Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge at Denver University.


Each year EDGE students are given many opportunities to travel locally, regionally, and nationally. These trips occur during each semester  Explore Weeks - a week devoted to learning outside of the classroom. EDGE travel includes camping and backpacking the Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming backcountry, overnight trips to Colorado colleges, and national overnight trips to Washington D.C., New York, Boston, and San Francisco - to name a few.

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Job Shadows

 EDGE students complete job shadows in career fields of interest.  EDGE works diligently to provide memorable connections to a wide variety of fields including Aerospace, Engineering, Computer Science, Geology, Paleontology, Aviation, Architecture, Business, Advertising, Therapy, Highway Patrol, Game Warden, Culinary, Occupational Therapy, Law Enforcement, Acting/Theater, Graphic Design, Video Game Design, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Journalism, Art, Psychology, Music Production, and Live Music.

Guest Speakers

EDGE welcomes guest speakers throughout the school year.  These events inspire students to examine their own personal skills, attitudes and beliefs of success. Guest speaker help students develop an attitude for achieving greatness in many career fields.


Volunteer Opportunities

EDGE believes in developing students' passion to give back to their community. Many volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year. EDGE has developed great relationships with many local non-profits, especially the Denver Rescue Mission.

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