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Class of 2021


Madi Reiman

Scholarship Total: $236,000

Accepted: Colorado Mesa University, Arapahoe Community College, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, New Mexico State University, Regis University

Scholarships: Wilkes University $25,000 a year, Nebraska University Lincoln George Beadle Scholarship Tuition $60,000 total ($15,000 per year), Colorado Mesa University Alumni Scholarship $1,000 a year, Regis University $72,000 total


Alison Fox

Scholarship Total: $124,000

Accepted: Coe College, Northern Arizona University

Scholarships: Trustee Scholarship ($25,000 a year), Gold Scholarship ($24,000)


Lauren Fox

Scholarship Total: $116,000

Accepted: Colorado Mesa University, Montana State, Fort Lewis College, Drake University, Univ. of Northern Colorado

Scholarships: Drake Presidential Scholarship ($25,000 a year), UNC Trustee's Scholarship $16,000 total

Class of 2020 Scholarship TOTAL:

$2.82 Million

Advice from EDGE Seniors

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